A tenor known for his lively personality, and always leaving a memory wherever he goes. 

Nico Strydom is a young man with an incredible testimony of touching base with death but coming back by Grace. You see, God had other plans for 

Nico and informed him of these plans in three separate Prophecies in the 

months prior to a horrific motorcar accident.   


Nico'S DESIRE IS to minister to people through his music. every song SUNG BY NICO HAS BEEN GIVEN A tremendous amount of thought, determined to touch the hearts of people.

Nico is a person filled with love for his fellow man. He loves all people regardless of standing or age; he is a blessing to all who ever crosses his path, a true ambassador for Christ Jesus our Saviour.


Nico was also given the opportunity to testify and sing on numerous Radio stations AND NATIONAL EVENTS SUCH AS, Radio Pulpit, Radio South Africa, Radio TWR (numerous stations Nation wide), Bosveld Stereo, Radio Platorand, radio Pretoria, Rainbow FM and more, AFRI-DUET FEES, AND PERFORMING AT THE World Cup 2010. 

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